Athletic Mouthguards

Here at Sunflower Dental, we do everything we can to treat same-day patients for dental emergencies. On a case-by-case basis, we can open our doors after hours to treat a dental emergency. We stand by these practices because they allow us to treat many people in pain and in need of immediate dental attention.

However, we also believe in doing what we can to prevent the need for emergency dental surgeries or procedures. While we have the technology and skills to address dental injuries, it’s better for everyone involved if the accidents don’t happen in the first place.

Some dental emergencies, such as abscesses or inflammation, can’t be readily or easily prevented. Others, like tooth trauma or a dislodged tooth, can be. This is why we offer athletic mouthguards.

Protect Your Kid’s Teeth

Tooth trauma can be avoided with the right kind of protection. We believe in both protecting our children’s teeth and giving them the chance to exercise and have fun! At Sunflower Dental, we have a machine that will make complimentary athletic mouthguards for kids who participate or want to participate in sports.

If your child is a regular patient here at Sunflower Dental, we would be happy to provide these complimentary mouthguards to protect them from dental emergencies as they engage in a wide variety of athletic activities.

It’s very important for kids to have protection when playing sports, especially contact sports like football or basketball. Without proper protection, teeth can be severely damaged. While we have the ability to fix most dental trauma situations, it’s better for a child’s teeth baby teeth to fall out naturally to ensure their permanent teeth come in properly.

When you bring your kids in to get fitted for their mouthguards, we’ll make the experience a fun one! Kids can pick the color they want their mouthguards to be, and they can even add stickers to personalize them further.

Mouthguard Protection with Sunflower Dental

Give our office a call today with any questions about our athletic mouthguards, the complimentary mouthguards available to our young patients, or to set up a regular dental appointment. We look forward to working with you to better protect children’s teeth!